Meet Patrick, our Head of Guides

From the bustling city life of Oslo to the tranquil serenity of Nordfjord, Patrick's journey has been one fueled by a deep-seated love for the great outdoors. His passion for exploration and his unwavering commitment to sharing the wonders of nature with others make him the perfect guide for your next adventure in Olden.

For over 15 years now, Patrick has been enraptured by the world of long-distance dog mushing, where he found his true passion amidst the wild beauty of the Norwegian landscape. With each exhilarating run, he forged an unbreakable bond with his team of loyal polar dogs. Today, Patrick resides in the breathtaking Nordfjord region alongside his girlfriend and their beloved pack of 30 dogs, fully embracing a life steeped in nature's grandeur and endless adventure.

As the Head of Guides at Olden Active, Patrick infuses every excursion with his wealth of knowledge, years of experience, and an infectious enthusiasm that's simply irresistible. His journey from Oslo to the mesmerizing area of Nordfjord has instilled in him a profound connection to the natural world, driving his unwavering commitment to sharing its wonders with others.

Olden Active isn't just about thrilling adventures; it's about forging a deeper connection with the environment we call home. With Patrick leading the charge, sustainability lies at the very heart of our ethos. We're dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty of Nordfjord for generations to come, ensuring that every adventure is not just exhilarating but also environmentally responsible.

Amidst the emerald green landscapes of Nordfjord, Patrick has found his true calling. His passion for this breathtaking region fuels his dedication to both living and working here, infusing every moment with the magic of the natural world. As your guide, Patrick orchestrates journeys through Olden's stunning landscapes, where every turn reveals a new marvel of nature's splendor.

From hiking through verdant valleys to kayaking through the fjord landscape, Patrick's expertise ensures that each adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. With a wealth of knowledge acquired through his own experiences and a boundless enthusiasm for the great outdoors, Patrick is poised to transform your Olden adventure into an unforgettable experience.

With Patrick by your side, the possibilities are endless. Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime?


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